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Flawless Skin with MARK

I’m loving MARK makeup right now. It’s super inexpensive but super high quality – the best of both worlds. Plus, with Lauren Conrad as a spokesperson, it’s getting a lot of attention lately, so I had to try it! Think of MARK as Avon’s fashion-forward hip, younger sibling. In this video, Cynde Watson will demonstrate the best way to achieve a flawless complexion in three simple steps. With expert tips like these, you’ll get a fabulous finish every time. MARK my words, you’re skin will look Just perfect!


No Makeup Makeup Tips

If you think all of our favorite starlets leave the house looking fab without any makeup, guess again! These quick tips from Jamie Melbourne for Ford Models will help you look ‘naturally’ beautiful with this minimal approach to makeup. Think chapstick and moisturizer, and a few expert tips. Shhh, no one will know your secret!

Natural Dandruff Treatment

This quick video from Expert Village will show you how to treat dandruff naturally and safely without the use of harsh chemicals. Severe dandruff is the result of an unhealthy scalp environment. You need to treat the skin under your hair to really resolve your dandruff problems and return your scalp back to optimal health. The ingredients shown in the video are all available in your local supermarket or health food store: Coconut oil, Chandan oil, Lemon juice and Camphor (a small amount of solid camphor). Using this treatment a few times a week will help resolve your dandruff flakes naturally and gently.

Beauty Recipe: Honey Scrub

Did you know that honey is a natural humectant? Yep, that makes it a perfect for your home beauty recipes. This video shows you how to create your own body scrub with a few ingredients right in your pantry. Featuring Lisa Kasanicky of ArizonaSpaGirls.com, this all natural recipe comes straight from the National Honey Board…. yep they KNOW honey. How sweet!

Spring 2008 Beauty Trends from Marie Claire

Marie Claire’s Senior Beauty Editor, Ning Chao shares the biggest beauty trends for Spring 08. Brighten up this spring with these simple tips guaranteed to keep you looking great. I love the Aveno Positively Ageless line and it’s right in the drugstore, how easy is that? Oh, and don’t forget your beauty sleep of course!

Sea Salt for Healthy Exfoliation

Want to know a little skin care secret? Katie, from Ford Models gives up one of her skin care tips; Sea Salt. Yep a little mixed with warm water will help slough off those flakes and keep your skin vibrant and healthy. Talk about beauty on a budget…Nice!