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The Relativity of Dry Chapped Lips

Einstein Lip TherapyDo my lips get drier when the weather gets warmer? Or maybe that is just my excuse to get another lip balm. OK, maybe I already have a few (hundred) laying around, but I just can’t resist! My fave of the moment is Einstein Lip Therapy. It gives you intense moisture without that waxy, greasy feel. It’s jam packed with cocoa butter and vitamins A and E to heal those chaps and keep them away for good. No one wants to kiss you with dry lips. No one. This healthy balm is infused with vanilla and a hint of mint, sure to leave you kissable in no time, and the shine is delish!


Applying Natural Looking Makeup

This step-by-step tutorial is especially good for those of us who aren’t always sure which brush to use when applying makeup. (Apparently, one brush isn’t for everything – LOL!) Eve Purl is an expert ladies, and the results are fabulously flawless!

Backstage Beauty: Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

Copy the makeup look from the 2008 Victoria’s Secret fashion show at home with these quick tips!