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Lollia Breathe Perfume

Lollia Breathe Eau de ParfumSome women like wearing a signature scent, a perfume they won’t leave home without wearing, leaving a scented reminder of themselves like an olfactory calling card that lingers for a few seconds after they have left the room. Other women prefer wearing many different fragrances according to their mood, the weather, the occasion, or the time of day. Being part of the latter group, it’s pretty safe to say that I’ve rarely met a perfume I didn’t like, and that I have many, (MANY) bottles of splashes, scents, and sprays to choose from as I get ready for work every morning.
With my willingness to sample many different perfumes, I often find myself layering various scents together, creating my own new concoctions on a pretty regular basis, but I have certain favorite fragrances that I go back to time and time again, and one of them is Lollia Breathe Eau de Parfum.Presented in a pretty glass bottle silk screened with a delicate peony design on the front and trimmed with a pale satin ribbon adorned with a hanging cut-glass crystal, Lollia Breathe Eau de Parfum smells as feminine and delicate as it’s presented. This light, floral scent is a beautiful mixture of white lily and peony with top notes of orange, grapefruit, and hints of additional fresh green notes.
Never overbearing and absolutely appropriate for every occasion from a trip to the grocery store to a hot date, this soft scent is definitely on my list of must-haves, and if you are looking for a light, girlie fragrance, this spray should be on the top of your list also, especially for the spring and summer!

Self Tanner Tips and Tricks

Avoid self tanning trauma with these top tips from Self Magazine. By now we are all aware of the sun’s damaging rays and realize how extremely detrimental they can be to our skin; causing age spots and skin cancer. So much so that we would never (yes NEVER) leave the house without some SPF on. But can a girl still lose the pasty pale look without sacrificing the health of her skin?

Sure with self tanner. And I’m not talking that ancient orange glow from years back when you used to (OMG- ick!) put sun-in in your hair either. I’m talking a golden brown that give you that sun-kissed skin that’s perfectly divine. Self tanners have come a long way baby.

This video features Leah Wyar from Self Magazine talking about the self-tanners on the market. Here are her picks:

1. Neutrogena Sheer Body Tint, $10- body bronzer, washes off like makeup. * mousse consistency spreads easily.

2. Lancaster Silk Bronze Moisturizing Milk, $22- creamy consistency that goes on easily, has SPF 6. * not too dark, so it’s good for those with fair skin.

3. Clarins Self Tanning Instant Gel, $29 – good for people with oily skin. * lightweight gel with quick drying time. One of my favorites too!

4. Sunfx Instant Spray-on Tan, $43 * aerosol spray is good for someone who wants to do the whole body. * has a “mystic tan” result for someone who likes a rich color.

5. Jergens Natural Glow Firming Daily Moisturizer, $8 * the gradual glow builds every day. * improves skin’s elasticity.

6. Estee Lauder Body Performance Golden Naturally Radiant Moisturizer, $35 * daily moisturizer with a low level of self-tanner ingredient, DHA. * citrus scent.

Leah also has tips for expert self-tanner application:

Feet and Hands: Moisture in advance to preempt overdarkening.on your ankles and knuckles. Coat finger/toenails with Vaseline to avoid stain. Always scrub palms afterward.

Knees and Elbows: These are naturally darker areas, so they pick up the color more intensely. Sloughing and extra moisturizing the day before will help. Use a gentle pumice.

Shoulders and Back: No partner? Buy a long-handled foam sponge to reach your back. This is a good time to use TINTED formulas so you can see what’s happening.

The Benefits of Rare Minerals

If you love Bare Excentuals, by now I’m sure you’re wondering about Rare Minerals. But wearing face powder to BED? Hmm…maybe, if it transforms your skin overnight. According to the clinical studies, respondents reporting the following results:

  • 89% felt their skin was firmer and more resilient
  • 85% felt their skin texture had improved
  • 83% saw fewer imperfections and less visible pores
  • 82% saw clearer skin
  • 81% saw fewer discolorations
  • 68% saw a reduction in facial lines and wrinkles

Sure, studies are great, but will this night treatment work for me? I love Bare Minerals makeup so I thought I’d give this powder a try. To be honest, it was much more simple than my usual nighttime routine (bonus!) and the RareMinerals felt soft and light on my skin. It also made my skin look smooth and clear before bed (bonus #2!) Gotta love it when you look great before bed.

I’ve been using it for two weeks now and my skin feels and looks better. I notice a more even skin tone, less discoloration, and better clarity and texture. I feel I still need a light nighttime my moisturizer and an occasional blemish treatment for those pesky pores, but my skin is in much better condition since I’ve incorporated the Rare Minerals into my beauty routine. It’s pricey, but a little goes a long way. Definitely a Style Do!

Olivina Jar Candles

Olivina Jar CandleYesterday on my way home from work I stopped in Anthropologie and bought the cutest candle from Olivina. Three inviting fragrances called to me from the large antique table as I passed them, but which one? Classic Olive, Lavender, or Meyer Lemon? All of them smelled absolutely delicious and I simply love the sweet, inviting scent of a candle burning somewhere in the background of a room, so I would gladly buy any one of them.

After about five minutes of internal deliberation, I was this close to buying the Olivina Classic Olive candle, reasoning it would be the perfect background aroma in my kitchen and especially calming while I am doing dishes and general clean up after dinner, but then I picked up the Meyer Lemon candle, and knew I had to purchase it.

I love the smell of fresh lemons, so when I passed it wrapped up in it’s lovely packaging, I tried to resist it’s claim “tart citrus meets the heady sweetness of honeysuckle”. Like I could pass that up? Obviously this candle is sitting on my desk burning sweetly as I type this post.

Made from natural beeswax, this lovely glass-lidded, poured candle evokes the clean, fresh scent of tart, ripe lemons growing in the warm California sunshine, and is a lemon lovers dream!

I’m already a huge fan of olivina soap and lotions, so it’s no big surprise that the candle kicks is heaven. Whether you choose Classic Olive, Lavender, or my favorite Meyer Lemon, Olivina candles each have up to 60 hours of burn time, so you can enjoy these intensely fragrant candles hours and hours.

Mode Cosmetics: The Glamour of Green

Mode CosmeticsI’m always on the lookout for new beauty products, so I was excited to hear about Mode Cosmetics. Co-creators Cristina Samuels and Jennifer Isaac pride themselves on producing high quality products that are natural, effective, and affordable, so obviously I enthusiastically checked out their website myself.

Created with natural botanicals and essential oils, the key ingredient list for their cosmetics reads like a shopping list for the farmer’s market: Peppermint, orange, and avocado oils, strawberry, watermelon and wildberry flavors, vanilla beans…I could go on and on.

From long wearing lip liners and super smooth eye pencils, to lip balms, glosses and lip shines loaded with good-for-you ingredients like shea butter and sweet almond oil, Mode Cosmetics certainly has left me wanting to try many of their products, and the pricing is so great, a girl like me could really go nuts. Did I mention the free shipping over $50 offer?

It might take me some time to choose from the 90 shades of chip resistant nail polish, but based on my original perusal of colors, if you are looking for that special shade, I’m sure they have it!

It’s difficult to decide what I’d like to try first, but the full coverage lipsticks (in 36 shades) especially tempt me. The product description page reads, “super high pigment, long lasting lipstick that hugs lips with luxurious rich color in buttery creams and natural pearl frosts.” Of course I want to try that. Seriously, who wouldn’t want their lips to be enveloped in the silky smooth texture of organic shea butter, nourishing oils, beeswax, and Vitamin E?

With an emphasis on simplicity, a commitment to using non-wasteful packaging, and the healthy benefits and the fresh aromas you expect from natural products, Mode Cosmetics generously puts the glamour in green!

Clarisonic Skin Care Brush System

Clarisonic Skin Care Brush SystemWow, I just tried this Clarisonic Skin Care Brush System and it really made a difference on my skin. At first I am always skeptical about using anything to scrub my very sensitive skin, but after some deliberation, I decided to try it. Am I glad I did!

The dual brush design gave me a gentle, yet deep cleaning and the Clarisonic Daily Cleanser definitely improved my skin’s tone & clarity. I loved being able to adjust the power levels, great for a beginner like me! Plus, it’s just so attractive. It’s really similar to one of those hi-tech machines they use at the spa. The built-in charging cradle allows me to charge it when it’s not in use, and seeing it sitting out on my counter reminds me to take the time to pay more attention to my face.

Now I can have a daily facial for free. It looks like a million bucks and makes me feel like a million bucks – that’s the best of both worlds!

Brush, Whiten and GO

SuperSmile Oral CareI really like this Total Oral Care Whitening System from SuperSmile. You just simply brush your teeth and go. It’s the perfect system for anyone looking to whiten their smile safely and gently without all those messy, icky trays. I’ve used other whitening systems that are very harsh and honestly, I’d rather not suffer for my smile. The best part about Supersmile is that it causes no sensitivity. Nada. But it works. My teeth are fresh, clean, and getting whiter and whiter every time I use it. Supersmile has also been known to work on restoring color to porcelain veneers, bondings, and crowns, without harmful bleaches or harsh abrasives. I’d like to give it up for Dr. Smigel, creator of the brand, who treats the smiles of some of cool celebs like – Kelly Ripa, Jimmy Fallon, Kristen Bell, Elizabeth Taylor…. Talk about being in good company, those are some super smiles!