Monthly Archives: March 2008

Bobbi Brown’s Beauty Tips for Women over 50

Bobbi Brown’s beauty tips for women over 50! Starting with accepting your natural beauty…. I love it. It’s not about looking younger, just looking fresher and better!


Brush, Whiten and GO

SuperSmile Oral CareI really like this Total Oral Care Whitening System from SuperSmile. You just simply brush your teeth and go. It’s the perfect system for anyone looking to whiten their smile safely and gently without all those messy, icky trays. I’ve used other whitening systems that are very harsh and honestly, I’d rather not suffer for my smile. The best part about Supersmile is that it causes no sensitivity. Nada. But it works. My teeth are fresh, clean, and getting whiter and whiter every time I use it. Supersmile has also been known to work on restoring color to porcelain veneers, bondings, and crowns, without harmful bleaches or harsh abrasives. I’d like to give it up for Dr. Smigel, creator of the brand, who treats the smiles of some of cool celebs like – Kelly Ripa, Jimmy Fallon, Kristen Bell, Elizabeth Taylor…. Talk about being in good company, those are some super smiles!

Makeup Mavens – Meet MAC Heatherette

MAC’s latest Heatherette collection is fabulous! Super cool, limited edition hot pink packaging, and a great selection of wearable colors guaranteed to make every makeup diva jump for joy!

Ahava Advanced Mud Masque

Ahava Advanced Mud MasqueWhy not treat your face to a masque from Ahava? I’m usually pressed for time, and this is like getting a professional facial in just minutes! Made from a natural combination of Dead Sea mud, water, and minerals this masque will deeply cleanse your face while extracting impurities. After rinsing off, my face is tight, toned, and refreshed. Not to mention soft! This masque smooths on like a dream and rinses off without scrubbing… and it restores your skin with revitalizing essential minerals. Avaha has made a believer out of me.

Makeup How To: Liquid Eyeliner

This guide from Expert Village shows the correct way to apply liquid eyeliner…Steady hands please!

UGG’s: The Do’s and Don’t Dare…

A funny, step by step guide to determining when you can wear your Ugg’s without looking like a fool….by TrendySwag.

Bumble and Bumble’s Launch Party

“You can be anything you want to be with some hairspray.” Bumble and Bumble’s creative stylists sculpt characters into “hair installations” for their recent launch party as presented by Nylon TV. I’m absolutely addicted to B&b’s surf spray…