Monthly Archives: May 2010

Organic Smoothie Recipe

Leann from Ford Models shows one of her favorite smoothie recipes. Just take a few bananas, blueberries (or other berries and water. It’s 100% natural and organic and dairy-free, just how I like it! Take her advice and add the flax seeds, you’re body will love the extra nutrients. If you need a little more energy, toss in a small handful of almonds while you blend. I also like to add some extra ice for a frozen experience. It’s really not that hard to make healthy choices, and the benefits are amazing. Remember you are what you eat!


Cinco De Mayo and a Skinny Girl Magarita

Really, what could be better than a margarita on Cinco De Mayo?  Ok, one with less calories.  We’ve all heard Bethenny sing those praises  about them on HER tv show (like we’d watch the show every week for anyone else? Like Jill? come on now…)  But anyhoo, these drinks sound delish, so what better day to try one than today?  You only need a few ingredients, and this super-old video will show you the details step-by-step.  Love the more alcohol/less calorie combo!  Thanks Bethenny!

bye, bye brown paper bags…hello style!

b.happybagsReally, how could you not say yes to saving the environment and to style at the same time with a supercute bag like this from b.happybags?  Made in the USA of durable upholstery-weight cotton, these totes will help save thousands of plastic and paper grocery bags over a lifetime. Available in colorful patterns and prints, with a roomy design that holds about the same volume as a standard paper grocery bag. Lightweight and folds down for easy storage. Handles long enough to carry over the shoulder or comfortably by hand. Bag seams are bound with grosgrain ribbon & can support a ton.

These modern totes offer stylish alternatives to fashion-conscious consumers seeking to adopt a reusable bag lifestyle. Progressive, colorful patterns & designs make a statement and are unlikely to sit in a closet unused. Best of all, they’re a great way to help draw attention & influence others to adopt a reusable bag lifestyle.
Extra Details:

  • Made in the USA
  • Fair Wage / Fair Labor
  • Machine wash, gentle cycle, cold water / drip dry
  • This bag is super light and super thin, it is not structured the way looks in the photograph
  • On sale for $9.95 at
  • It’s so easy to “add to cart” why wouldn’t you?  I did!