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Discover Nubar “The Healthy Alternative for Beautiful Nails”

nubar Support the CureAs a nail polish lover I’m always thrilled to try new colors and brands, yet I am also very concerned with what I put on (and in) my body. With so many chemicals and toxins in products today, a girl could really go crazy, which is why I’m very excited about today’s post: A review of “Support The Cure with nubar nail lacquers.” Let’s start with “the cause” part of the program.

Sold as a 4-piece collection with a Base Coat, Top Coat and two fab colors (Pink Cami and Je t’aime – which is currently on my toes) this set comes packaged together in a clear handy storage bag. The packaging reads “Support The Cure” and support it I do. 10% of the retail price of the Collection for the Cure will go towards St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Cancer Treatment Research Foundation and the City of Hope.

More than 1500 people per day die from cancer in the US and on average, breast cancer accounts for almost 15 percent of all cancer-related deaths in women in this nation. Not only do I try to do my part to buy items that support the ‘pink ribbon’ campaign whenever possible, I think it’s absolutely crucial to seek out products that are free of toxins and chemicals that can cause harm. If something contains a toxin that is known to be harmful, I’d really have to agree with avoiding it. It just makes sense.

Did you know that many nail polish manufacturers have acknowledged that their products contain Formaldehyde, Toluene or (DBP) Phthalate, which are chemicals linked to cancer and birth defects? After being touched with the effects of cancer within his own family, Noubar Abrahamian, founder of nubar, didn’t want to produce a product that could possibly harm customers so he set out to develop a healthy alternative. The result is nubar, the leading manufacturer and distributor of innovative, high-quality Nail Art and Nail Care products. With an understanding of what it takes to be successful in the competitive and ever-changing world of nail technology, nubar is constantly striving for the best products to offer their customers, and they totally deliver that promise with this set.

This incredible 4-piece collection of nail polishes has everything you need for a terrific set of nails, and the Formaldehyde free, Toluene free and Phthalate (DBP) free formulations are right up my alley, and formulations like this should at least be on your radar while shopping. If you can find a great product that works without all the chemicals, why buy the chemicals? nubar works.

With clean, dry nails I start with the nubar Foundation Base Coat, a sticky base coat meant to prep my nails for the upcoming polish. It goes on smooth and sets in a flash. Something I love because I am one of those impatient people who always smudge my wet nails from constant touching to see if they are dry. This base coat was dry on nail one before I finished nail ten, how’s that for fast?

Next up, the color. I chose the Pink Cami, a light pale pink with just a hint of opalescence. Think subtle shine and shimmer, not young glitter. It glides on smooth and the coverage is great. Because I have the time, I put on two coats for good measure, though one coat would be fine for a causal look. The second coat goes on a smooth as the first, and my nails are super shiny and streak free. I hate when the brushes leave brush strokes, nubar must hate that too because there isn’t a brush stroke in sight.

A quick sweep of the nubar Diamont Top Coat and my nails have that high shine, glossy finish. The top coat definitely sealed in my color because I am on day three of being chip free! I should correct myself, I’ve been referring it to nail polish, but it’s really nail lacquer. My nails look great, like I just had a manicure, and yours will too. I promise!

This set is great treat for yourself and perfect for all the women in your life, AND supports a great cause. Plus it’s affordable, only $28 for the complete set. Let’s face it, nubar has really set the standards high without compromising wear-ability, durability or strength in the process. I’m so glad I tried this, I’m sticking with nubar from now on. Bye, bye chemicals and toxins. I’m glad to see you go.

So go ahead, Support The Cure with nubar, The Healthy Alternative for Beautiful Nails.