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Olivina Jar Candles

Olivina Jar CandleYesterday on my way home from work I stopped in Anthropologie and bought the cutest candle from Olivina. Three inviting fragrances called to me from the large antique table as I passed them, but which one? Classic Olive, Lavender, or Meyer Lemon? All of them smelled absolutely delicious and I simply love the sweet, inviting scent of a candle burning somewhere in the background of a room, so I would gladly buy any one of them.

After about five minutes of internal deliberation, I was this close to buying the Olivina Classic Olive candle, reasoning it would be the perfect background aroma in my kitchen and especially calming while I am doing dishes and general clean up after dinner, but then I picked up the Meyer Lemon candle, and knew I had to purchase it.

I love the smell of fresh lemons, so when I passed it wrapped up in it’s lovely packaging, I tried to resist it’s claim “tart citrus meets the heady sweetness of honeysuckle”. Like I could pass that up? Obviously this candle is sitting on my desk burning sweetly as I type this post.

Made from natural beeswax, this lovely glass-lidded, poured candle evokes the clean, fresh scent of tart, ripe lemons growing in the warm California sunshine, and is a lemon lovers dream!

I’m already a huge fan of olivina soap and lotions, so it’s no big surprise that the candle kicks is heaven. Whether you choose Classic Olive, Lavender, or my favorite Meyer Lemon, Olivina candles each have up to 60 hours of burn time, so you can enjoy these intensely fragrant candles hours and hours.