bye, bye brown paper bags…hello style!

b.happybagsReally, how could you not say yes to saving the environment and to style at the same time with a supercute bag like this from b.happybags?  Made in the USA of durable upholstery-weight cotton, these totes will help save thousands of plastic and paper grocery bags over a lifetime. Available in colorful patterns and prints, with a roomy design that holds about the same volume as a standard paper grocery bag. Lightweight and folds down for easy storage. Handles long enough to carry over the shoulder or comfortably by hand. Bag seams are bound with grosgrain ribbon & can support a ton.

These modern totes offer stylish alternatives to fashion-conscious consumers seeking to adopt a reusable bag lifestyle. Progressive, colorful patterns & designs make a statement and are unlikely to sit in a closet unused. Best of all, they’re a great way to help draw attention & influence others to adopt a reusable bag lifestyle.
Extra Details:

  • Made in the USA
  • Fair Wage / Fair Labor
  • Machine wash, gentle cycle, cold water / drip dry
  • This bag is super light and super thin, it is not structured the way looks in the photograph
  • On sale for $9.95 at
  • It’s so easy to “add to cart” why wouldn’t you?  I did!


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