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You Wanna Hold My Hand… NOW

Does the phrase “I want to hold your hand” make you think of those dry flakes? StriVectin to the Rescue! With a noticeable chill in the air this morning, I guess I cannot avoid the fact that spring is is creeping up slowly. I really enjoy this time of year, but my hands remain dry, dry, dry as if it’s still winter.

In an ongoing attempt to smooth out the rough patches and slough off those pesky flakes, I decided to try the StriVectin Hand Care Kit. Two easy steps promise to increase the skin’s cellular turnover, deliver optimal hydration, and reduce signs of aging. Hey, I just wanted to get rid of the dry flakes, but if it can do all this I’ll be a StriVectin customer for life!

First the ‘thermo-active’ exfoliant – superfine grains gently (yet effectively!) slough those flakes away leaving my now glowing hands smooth and soft. Following up with the StriVectin ultra rich hand cream provided that extra boost of moisture my skin desperately needed. My hands have never looked or felt better, and that noticeable improvement is after one use. I can’t wait to use it again in two days.