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WEN Hair Care by Chaz Dean

After years of working as a stylist and colorist and witnessing the damaging results of shampoo on his clients’ hair, Chaz Dean knew something had to change. Lathering, harsh detergents and sodium laurel/laureth sulfates found in most shampoos were not only damaging their hair, but also their health and the environment. Most would experience color fading/stripping, dull, lifeless, frizzy and dry hair, dry scalps, oily scalps, scalp disorders, and hair loss.

That was “WEN®” he developed his concept in cleansing the hair without detergents or harsh chemicals. WEN® cleanses with astringent properties without lathering, while strengthening, adding sheen, luster, moisture and manageability to the hair. WEN® is invigorating and nourishing to both the hair and scalp. Color appears to be more vibrant and last longer.

WEN® is formulated with the perfect balance for all hair types and due to its high moisture content, it also performs amazingly on ethnic hair. Give your hair the love it deserves with WEN® cleansing conditioners and styling products and instantly notice the impressive results. There has never been a single product that changes hair so dramatically.

Say goodbye to your bad hair days, WEN is definitely a StyleDO!


Hair Dryers are HOT

With breakthrough technology and lots of power, you’ll be blown away by these hair dryers! Chances are you already have a hair dryer, and it’s probably pretty good. Maybe you purchased it at your local drugstore or your favorite mass-market retailer and I’m sure it works fine. But have you wondered why are there hair dryers on the market today that retail for more than $100 a pop? Are they really different or are they just blowing a bunch of hot air?

Rusk CTC LiteRUSK CTC Lite Professional Dryer (1900 watts)
Super hot, super quiet, and super hard on your wallet, I’ve seen this baby on sale for over $250. Now, that being said, it’s a great hairdryer. The Rusk CTC Lite features unique ceramic and titanium technology that allows you to add mega shine with a continuous flow of negative ions.  With 6 heat/speed settings, this dryer features the ultimate control over airflow and temperature and comes with a perfectly engineered diffuser and a slide-on concentrator to really deliver results. This blow dryer left my hair shiny and volumized in just minutes. Plus, its airflow blows the competitors away.  I’m not sure I really need that much power, but it sounds great, doesn’t it?

Metropolis Z-Ion Zirconia Ionic Dryer (1800 Watts)
With a promise to cut drying time up to 50%, I’m instantly intrigued, but is it worth the $210 or so dollars I have to spend (ok, $150 on sale)? Being one of ‘those’ people who spends a good 25-30 minutes of not-so-quality time with my current hair dryer everyday, I’m pleasantly looking forward to getting at least 10 minutes of my morning back. After one use I h
ave determined that the Metropolis Z-Ion Zirconia Ionic Dryer is not only a great looking hair dryer, it’s a loaded with benefits. The far-infrared technology is supposed to dry your hair from the inside out, and the special zirconia ceramics fused into the heating element are supposed to conduct negative ions directly to you hair leaving it soft and shiny. Today my hair does seem to have less frizz and more shine. I’ll take that any day. “Lighweight” is really true at a little over 1.5 pounds, and the sleek white body has major counter appeal. I will think about how great it looks as I enjoy the extra 13 minutes of sleep I will have tomorrow morning because this dryer is fast, fast, fast. Bonus: This Metropolis hair dryer carries a 10 year limited warranty, so you know they stand by what they make. I say go for it.

X5 Superlite Tourmaline Ionic Hair Dryer (1875 Watts)
I am usually very skeptical when people say words like “amazing” when they talk about a hair dryer. Come on, all it does is blow hot hair, and sometimes it’s not even that hot, so I was very anxious to try the X5 Superlite. Many, many people have told me that this is the favorite among favorites, and I can almost see why. First of all they weren’t kidding when they named it Superlite, it really lives up to its name. Almost to the point where you really think it won’t work that well because it feels a little cheap. But turn this baby on, and out comes the power. The X5 SuperLite is an amazing professional Tourmaline + Ionic Ceramic 1875 watt hair dryer from X5. Because the X5 is manufactured with the highest level of workmanship and care it carries a full 48 month limited warranty.  Not bad for a dryer under $90.

Elchim Uragano Ionic DryerELCHIM Uragano Ionic Dryer
Touted as a new way of treating hair, and around $100 makes it an inexpensive choice on this list! Elchim’s Negative Ion Generating System produces a continuous stream of ions, so drying time is reduced by 50%, while hair remains smooth and shiny. Again, drying time reduced by 50% is 15 minutes longer in bed in the morning! This unit produces twice the Negative Ions of conventional dryers. The negative ions reduce the size of the water molecules. This allows moisture to penetrate the hair shaft. It also allows your hair to dry in half the time. The negative ions smooth down the cuticle. This allows for a greater shine on the hair. This also removes the “frizzies” from the hair. Tons of tech talk but it’s Made in Italy. Ciao Bella!

Note, I have intentionally left off the t3 hairdryer.  It is one of my all time favorites and deserves its own blog post which is in the works.  If you are planning on buying a t3 make sure you purchase it directly from either Sephora or QVC to get the manufacturer warranty.

Products mentioned are available at  T3 available at other retailers but I recommend QVC and Sephora.

Gossip Girl Hairstyle Gallery

Blake and Blair, Little J and more – the hairstyles on Gossip Girl never disappoint.  Slightly headband heavy, but always in style, here are some of the best coiffs on tv.  You might even catch a glimpse of Penelope if you don’t blink….

Fun Flirty Hairdo with Ken Paves

Jessica Simpson likes to change her hair as often as she changes her mind. Now you can too with Hairdo from HairUWear by Ken Paves – Stylist to the Stars! In this quick video, Rachel would like to grow her hair out long, but she’s not ready to make the commitment. So, just as he’s done for his Hollywood star clients, Ken shows her how to change her hairstyle quickly and easily with Hairdo from Jessica Simpson. Go from prim and proper to fun and fabulous with Hairdo – available now at HSN!

Runway Hair by Redken

Redken helps bring out what hair can be and has partnered with Ford Models for the fashion and beauty experience during the Canadian model search.

Redefine Your Ponytail with Herbal Essences

Herbal Essences shows you how to take your ponytail from flat to fab with volumizing and frizz-fighting potions including None of your Frizzness – the #1 answer to controlling those pesky fly-aways. Definitely pay attention to the wisps section of the video, they will help you create a sexy, more casual ponytail. Severe strands are SO out.

Beachy Bridal Hair

Beachy brides know the secret to that casual elegance is just the right amount of boucy, beachy waves in their hair. In this video, Jon Halacoglu of hairstylists Joe Carol demonstrates soft waves suitable for that dreamy Caribbean ceremony at sunset. Created by Atlantic Multimedia Ltd for Brides magazine. If you are doing these waves on your own, go for the T3 1.5″ Twirl curling iron, some T3 Boost for a super frizz-free shine, and a tiny bit of Bumble and bumble Surf Spray to get that sexy, messy texture. Pure romance!