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Beachy Bridal Hair

Beachy brides know the secret to that casual elegance is just the right amount of boucy, beachy waves in their hair. In this video, Jon Halacoglu of hairstylists Joe Carol demonstrates soft waves suitable for that dreamy Caribbean ceremony at sunset. Created by Atlantic Multimedia Ltd for Brides magazine. If you are doing these waves on your own, go for the T3 1.5″ Twirl curling iron, some T3 Boost for a super frizz-free shine, and a tiny bit of Bumble and bumble Surf Spray to get that sexy, messy texture. Pure romance!


Model Hair Secrets: Avocado Oil

Did you know the secret to beautiful, silky hair could be right in your pantry? Yep, avocado oil is a simple hair treatment you can do at home to get those tresses in tip top condition and super smooooth.

Hair Style Do: A Dressy Ponytail ala Lauren Conrad

A simple how-to video starring Johnny Lavoy from Ford Models showing us how to update the classic ponytail and make it modern and stylish. LC loves this look and so do I! Catch this look on The Hills.