Environmentally Friendly Fashion: Deborah Lindquist

Deborah Lindquist is a fashion forward designer who is completely ahead of the ‘going green’ trend by designing couture-inspired, environmentally conscious fashion. With a creative eye and keen sense of style, this eco-conscious creator breathes new life into recycled cashmere, repurposed kimonos and other fine fabrics by combining them with sustainable fabrics such as cotton, wool and hemp. Pretty cool I know!

Don’t worry, these fashions aren’t those granola crunching, no makeup wearing, dead head following, tie dye styles either (and I love the dead). Nope, they are hip, edgy pieces designed for today’s style mavens looking to wear something inspired and good for the planet. Her list of A-List celebs include Gwen Stefani, Charlize Theron, Hilary Duff, Jessica Simpson and more. Talk about a following.

Deborah’s designs run the gamut from ready to wear and accessories -including a collection of doggie sweaters that are to die for!- to a green wedding gown collection that makes me want to get married all over again, just for the dress. Hey, I can try them on, can’t I?

If you’re looking for a designer making a difference, look no further; with her passion for the planet and striking silhouettes, Deborah Lindquist is IT.


4 responses to “Environmentally Friendly Fashion: Deborah Lindquist

  1. goodtube

    That is so cool. It’s nice to see that the fashion world is embracing Green products

  2. styledo

    yes, I’m glad so many people are ‘going green’ lately, it’s so important for our future.

  3. Creceda J. LeMaire

    This great clip was created by Creceda J. LeMaire and edited by Matthew Wayne.

  4. Hey Shane from roaNoke says great video!

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