Flax Seeds: Healthy Skin from Within

Gelila from Ford Models explains the many benefits of flax seeds. I love to grind them up and sprinkle them in salads, smoothies and over veggies. They are very good for your complexion too, check out the video below; you are what you eat!


3 responses to “Flax Seeds: Healthy Skin from Within

  1. Im in the process of arranging a diet/lifestyle to enhance my beauty in the form of glowing good health. Im 55 years old and my definition of beauty has become much deeper than issues concerning wrinkles. Yes, I have a few wrinkles, but I consider them to be a reflection of my life – something to be honored, not eliminated. I want to become radiant from the inside, out. I want to glow with good health and vibrant spirit.

  2. styledo

    I love your spirit! wrinkles are earned, wear them as a tribute to a life well lived and remember, beauty comes from within!

  3. Nice mark out of things – Interesting – one could think this way also . Thanks for the post

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