Mode Cosmetics: The Glamour of Green

Mode CosmeticsI’m always on the lookout for new beauty products, so I was excited to hear about Mode Cosmetics. Co-creators Cristina Samuels and Jennifer Isaac pride themselves on producing high quality products that are natural, effective, and affordable, so obviously I enthusiastically checked out their website myself.

Created with natural botanicals and essential oils, the key ingredient list for their cosmetics reads like a shopping list for the farmer’s market: Peppermint, orange, and avocado oils, strawberry, watermelon and wildberry flavors, vanilla beans…I could go on and on.

From long wearing lip liners and super smooth eye pencils, to lip balms, glosses and lip shines loaded with good-for-you ingredients like shea butter and sweet almond oil, Mode Cosmetics certainly has left me wanting to try many of their products, and the pricing is so great, a girl like me could really go nuts. Did I mention the free shipping over $50 offer?

It might take me some time to choose from the 90 shades of chip resistant nail polish, but based on my original perusal of colors, if you are looking for that special shade, I’m sure they have it!

It’s difficult to decide what I’d like to try first, but the full coverage lipsticks (in 36 shades) especially tempt me. The product description page reads, “super high pigment, long lasting lipstick that hugs lips with luxurious rich color in buttery creams and natural pearl frosts.” Of course I want to try that. Seriously, who wouldn’t want their lips to be enveloped in the silky smooth texture of organic shea butter, nourishing oils, beeswax, and Vitamin E?

With an emphasis on simplicity, a commitment to using non-wasteful packaging, and the healthy benefits and the fresh aromas you expect from natural products, Mode Cosmetics generously puts the glamour in green!


2 responses to “Mode Cosmetics: The Glamour of Green

  1. Except for the fact that they still use parabens in some if their products. So yes maybe “green” but possibly not as good for you as other products.

    • I agree with you JJ. Do you have any products you would recommend? There is a lot of talk about Parabens lately. What paraben-free products are your favorites?

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