Fake Bake Bronzy Baby, Make Me Radiant!

Fake Bake Bronzy BabeWhat can you do when it’s cold outside and you are pale with a capital P? Bronze Baby! Right now I’m loving the Fake Bake Bronzy Babe Bronzing Compact. Used with either a brush, a sponge or a puff, this Bronzy Babe powder looks great on all skin types! I’d go lightly at first to get the most naturally looking color – first cross the bridge (of your nose) then turn right and left (cheek to cheek) and don’t forget your forehead. You’ll have the sun-kissed look all day long. Going out? Lightly brush over your shoulders and decollete, for a perfectly bronzed babe look! Beautiful, radiant skin, never orange-y. Great if you need that extra oomph in these colder (paler!) months.


One response to “Fake Bake Bronzy Baby, Make Me Radiant!

  1. Blog Lover

    For those of you wanting something a little more permanent I’d suggest going for one of the Fake Bake fake tans. They have a number of different ones available suitable for different skin types but they also cater for people who aren’t as comfortable applying fake tan as others. You can choose from the Fake Bake Lotion, the Fake Bake Mousse or you could choose the Fake Bake Airbrush.

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